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1. Sprawl is characterized by

button a greater dependence on the automobile.  
button a greater dependence on public transportation.  
button pedestrian-friendly streets.

2. Compared to 1970, the 2010 Census shows that the population of Erie and Niagara Counties

buttondid not change.  
buttondecreased by 75,000 people.  
buttondecreased by 214,000 people.

3. The percentage of the population of Erie County living within the City of Buffalo is


4. The cost of providing infrastructure to compact development can be

buttonmuch lower than for low-density development.   
buttoncomparable to providing it for low-density development.  
buttonmuch more expensive than providing it for low-density development.  

5. The number of vehicle miles traveled daily in Erie/Niagara from 1982 to 2009 has

buttonstayed the same.  
buttonincreased 25%. 
buttonincreased 82%.  

6. According to Lester Brown's 2009 estimate, if all of the current subsidies and the hidden costs that car travel imposes on the economy were added to the price of gasoline, a gallon of gas would cost about


7. Housing prices in Western New York rose 5.5% between 1991 and 2002. Taking inflation into account, local home prices actually

buttonincreased by 19%.  
buttondecreased by 19%.  
buttonmaintained their value.

8. From 1969 to 2000, farmland in Erie and Niagara Counties

buttonincreased by 28%.  
buttondecreased by 28%.  
buttonremained stable.  

9. In New York State, the power to plan and zone lies with

buttonthe state.  
buttonthe county.  
buttonindividual municipalities.  

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