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How to Join LWVB/N

Membership fees:
Regular membership fee$65
Household membership$100

Please print and include the LWVB/N Membership Form and the LWVB/N Interest Survey with your membership request.

[Download Adobe Acrobat Reader to read PDF files.]

Checks for memberships and contributions can be made payable to LWVBN and sent to:

1272 Delaware Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14209

Or pay membership dues online:

Membership Level

Membership dues and contributions are not tax deductible because we take positions on issues after serious study and seek to convince legislators.

Membership Benefits

Because you care about the future of America, you recognize that along with your rights as a citizen comes the responsibility to participate in the democratic process. If your goals match League goals, membership will help you achieve these goals. As a member of the League of Women Voters you can:

  1. INFORM YOURSELF AND OTHERS ABOUT ISSUES that concern you. The current study issues are outlined in the STUDY AND ADVOCACY section of this web site.

  2. MAKE YOUR VIEWS HEARD by adding your voice to ours. As a member of the League you join a powerful force of women and men throughout the nation. When the League speaks, lawmakers listen.

  3. SHARPEN YOUR SKILLS and learn new ones. By participating in League efforts you can gain leadership, networking and public speaking experience as you study and act on important community issues.

  4. SUPPORT OUR DEMOCRACY. Educate and engage new or native born citizens by attending naturalization ceremonies, registering voters, assisting with election monitoring at Buffalo Municipal Housing Sites and providing voter registration forms and election publications.

  5. RECEIVE LEAGUE PUBLICATIONS. League members receive local and state newsletters either electronically or in hard copy.

  6. RECEIVE MEMBERSHIP DISCOUNTS to events such as the Annual Meeting where there is a charge, usually for a meal.

  7. And the best benefit of all: ENJOY the good company of a spirited, informed, and passionate group of friends and colleagues.

Whether or not you choose to be an active member of the League, your membership gives us the political clout we need to continue to build a voice for citizens and a force for change.