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League of Women Voters of Buffalo Niagara

1272 Delaware Avenue

Buffalo, New York 14209-2401

Tel: 716-986-4898

Fax: 716-882-3797

Email: lwvbn@lwvbn.org

Top Ten Reasons to Contact the League of Women Voters

  1. Media: The League is a non-partisan organization able to provide reliable information on a variety of local to national voter issues. We can speak on the record or point you in the direction of another dependable person or organization.
  2. Every year we remind voters to go to the polls. There is a vibrant “Get Out the Vote” Committee that can use more members.
  3. We conduct candidate forums designed to allow voters to question local candidates on pertinent issues.
  4. Students: Every year high school students can see state government in action by applying to “Students Inside Albany.”
  5. Voter registration is an important goal of the League. You can volunteer to register voters or we will set up a table at your event or facility/organization and register voters for you.
  6. Teachers: High schools are a good source of new voters. We will do a civics presentation in your classroom and register eligible students.
  7. Organizations: We would love to tell you more about the League of Women Voters. We will provide a speaker for your event and even register voters.
  8. Every month we have a program designed to educate our electorate. Check our website on a regular basis.
  9. Stuffing envelopes for election activities is fun if you enjoy great conversation and good cookies.
  10. What do you think? How about putting your toe in the water and joining us. The temperature will be perfect!